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Port St.Lucie, FL., November 9, 2015 – Ultimate Carry On LLC, (UCO) a Florida based company, launches their first smart technology suitcase with their integrated Vacuum Shrink Pack System. The patented Vacuum Shrink Pack System increases the amount of clothes that can be packed in the suitcase by compressing them with vacuum technology. UCO was engineered and created with enhanced quality and durability all at a reasonable price. Bag features include; the patented Vacuum Shrink Pack System, Dual USB charging ports, exterior drink holder and a custom bungee system for strapping books or pillows. “We are ready to launch our suitcase for travelers to experience a new way to travel with our smart technology difference,” states Chad Efron founder of the UCO. Chad goes on to say, “Ultimate Carry On bag was designed for convenience, to save on luggage fees and to help travelers carry more in less space. The design of the bag, charging capacity and the Vacuum Shrink Pack System will help families and business travelers get to their destination with their luggage and devices fully charged and ready to roll.” We have selected to run a Kickstarter campaign to generate funds for bag production starting on November 10, 2015. Visit us at our KICKSTARTER page.

About Ultimate Carry On

The UCO was created for travelers who wanted to keep their luggage with them, pack more in less space and arrive at their destination fully charged and ready to roll. The design, construction and patent was filed and tested 2010, since then numerous enhancements have been made to improve the bag quality. UCO is unlike any other suitcase, the material is lightweight and durable and the battery will handle 3-4 phone charges & 2 tablet charges per run cycle. With the UCO, you can charge two tablets at the same time with the dual 2.1A USB ports. Phones charge faster with rapid charging technology (compared to charging with the USB from a computer). The control panel also contains an LED Indicator that tells you the status of the battery. The patented shrink pack system will compress more clothes into minimal thickness allowing you to have more options when you are on the road.

The UCO will be featured on the TV show All American Makers. The show airs on Wednesday, November 11th at 10pm on the Discovery Science channel. For more information visit or KICKSTARTER to support our fundraising effort and be one of the first to get the UCO bag.

About Chad Efron

Chad Efron is a father of three and an entrepreneur who grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He is a lifelong traveler who travels for work and play. Chad just finished his 12th year as a strength and conditioning coach in the Chicago White Sox organization. About four years ago, he was on vacation with his family when he started adding up the excess travel fees he was being charged forcing his family to travel by automobile to save money. Chad also began to notice travelers trying to squeeze overstuffed bags into overhead compartments and people sitting on dirty airport floors to charge their devices. Chad came up with the idea to create a bag that would fit more items with a patented vacuum shrink pack system and built in charging port for devices. In 2010, he moved to patent the vacuum system technology. His own personal experience lead him to research better materials and design elements to create a bag that can truly be called Ultimate Carry On. Once he got his patent and developed a prototype he determined he needed to raise capital to make is dream come true. In late 2014, Chad put his plans into action forming a LLC Company and finalizing the bag design elements. His capital campaign will run on Kickstarter starting on November 10, 2015 for 40 days. To be one of the first to receive a bag or be a part of this phenomenal fundraising effort visit Kickstarter at the link above. For more information visit or call 800-210-3613.
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